Macintosh Supported Browsers
(Browser Requirements)

Recommended Browser

For best experience with Etudes, the recommended browser is Firefox. This is for both Mac and PC users. Firefox requires OSX.3 or higher. Google Chrome is also supported on the Mac.

Both supported browsers are available as free downloads below:

Get Firefox here:  (look for English for the Mac)

Get Google Chrome for the Mac:


Instructions for AOL and CompuServe Subscribers

AOL and CompuServe (AOL/CS) software includes an integrated browser-like feature that does not provide full access to the Internet. Students MUST minimize the AOL/CS Browser once their Internet connection is established and open one of the supported browsers. Do NOT attempt to use the AOL/CS versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer.

You must download a separate, complete, independent version of Internet Explorer or Netscape. This will alleviate frustration associated with known problems caused by the AOL/CS quasi-browser and its inherent inability to access to a significant percent of the World Wide Web.


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